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Over 40 Years
of Construction Leadership


Maintaining an environment for our clients, employees and construction partners conducive to building excellence.



TRHC takes your project from concept to completion. We recognize the importance of accurate estimating, timely construction, and quality workmanship. As such, we provide budgets based on current bids from our construction partners, utilize scheduling software to provide accurate timetables for the trades throughout the building process, and our construction personnel diligently supervise the site to ensure the improvements are done using only the best industry practices. Our goal with every project is to deliver within budget, on time, and ready to show.



In an effort to be a value-added member of your development team, we can provide mechanical, plumbing, and electrical system design feedback during the planning phase. This is done in an effort to curb any potential value-engineering later in the pre-construction process. We realize that in order to meet your overall development timeframe, it is necessary to move swiftly through the design process and local government entitlements. With our experience, we can help you do just that.



With decades of experience, we understand how operating costs have a dramatic effect on the financial success of your development. Energy costs can be a substantial percentage of the operating budget if not designed and installed correctly. TRHC is knowledgeable on LEED and Green Communities requirements and has experience in building to those standards. We are able to facilitate implementing green design criteria during the design and construction process so that efficiency and environmental objectives are met.



We help streamline approvals from local, state, and federal government during permitting by being involved early in the development process. In regards to state and federal affordable housing construction requirements, TRHC has extensive experience in Prevailing Wage, Equal Employment Opportunity, and Section 3 reporting requirements. We believe that meeting (and exceeding) those requirements will help you secure that next project.



TRHC is well versed in the areas of marketing and events promotions. Our team has over two decades of marketing and communications, design, video, photography, print and web development as well as small to large scale event planning and promotions. We can help you in areas such as community relations, launch and ground breaking ceremonies, logos and branding and even website development to promote your next project.

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